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China and Japan are ancient cultures that have marked the history of humanity, what better scenario than these, to inspire us in our SS 2020 collection. China as the creator of 3 milestones: silk, origami and tea, and Japan, as the enhancer of 2 of these 3 milestones, which transcended from east to west and today occupy a very important space in our culture from: art (origami), gastronomy (tea) and wardrobe (Silk).

BOTANICAL VAULT: Epitome of Japanese opulence.
Millennial treasure: Ashikaga has witnessed the majestic history of the country of the rising sun. Sheltered under a purple cloak, it is the epitome of Japanese opulence.
Ashikahga, a gem that hides under the mauve hues that result from the hatching of beautiful Japanese wisteria waterfalls in the legendary flower park.
* Inspirational text taken from the VOGUE Latin America magazine: edition 1 sept. 2016

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